Final Exam: Essay 1

Lisa Fralinger

Essay #1

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Printing presses

Printing presses (Photo credit: Sigfrid Lundberg)

“It is difficult, indeed dangerous, to underestimate the huge changes this (digital) revolution will bring or the power or developing technologies to build and destroy—not just companies, but whole countries.”  Rupert Murdoch, chairman and chief executive officer, expressed him concern about the dramatic changes that is occurring with the printing press. He is just one of many people who is noticing the shift that is taking place in our world. The change is not only affecting companies at a rapid rate (King, Cook, & Tropin, 317).

Newspapers made their first appearance in Europe during the mid-17th century. Freedom of the press emerged during the revolutionary era. This was a time when New World colonists were fighting England’s interference in their lives and businesses (317). The First Amendment to the United States Constitution allowed for the freedom of the press. This meant that newspapers and magazines in the US had little government control whereas other countries had censorship and government ownership (317). To this day, the United States continues to gleam as a country where freedom of the press is a living concept (317).

For a number of years, the printing press was the dominant source of medium. It was not until the second half of the 20th century when newspaper industries began to notice a decline. During that time there was a sudden decrease in newspapers that were published and a decrease of people reading them. The United States had 267 fewer newspapers in 1990 than it did in 1940. By the year of 1992, there were only 37 US cities that had separately-owned daily newspapers (321). Once the economic recession in 2008 struck, it seemed as if newspapers were hit harder than ever. The recession forced many businesses to board up their doors.  There were some businesses that would do anything to survive. By doing so many reduced the size of their newspaper by making their pages narrower and making the pages thinner as well (321).

One of the biggest competitors for the printing press was television. This new phenomenon forced many newspaper businesses to end their long era of success. Television not only offered entertainment but also information as well. National networks like NBC and ABC ranked in a tremendous amount of viewers (323). These accredited news stations provided informative information to its audiences while also providing some means of entertainment. Television was a way for non-literate individuals to be able to tune into to current affairs happening around them.

Today, societies rely on the media. The media convergence changed the newspaper and print industry. This convergence can seem adverse yet there are some positive aspects.  The convergence demonstrates the process our society has in technological terms. This also allowed for more job opportunities for people. Nowadays, people want their information fast. The Internet allows for people to constantly be updated with new information about worldly affairs. With the big uprising of smart phones, people are able to access news on the go. This is a primary reason as to why the printing press could not outdo the Internet. The printing press is unchangeable and irreversible once it is out on stands, while the Internet news is being updated frequently.

The irreversible and unchangeable printing press comes with a price. Each day civilians must go out and buy a newspaper in order to be updated on current events. Even though the price of a newspaper was little to nothing, most people will take any opportunity to save money.

It is evident that the printing press has a lot to compete with the media. There is little that the printing press can do to bring back its success. Newspapers are now converging their articles to the Internet. The Baltimore Sun is an example of a newspaper that is available online. By allowing viewers to view this paper online, the company hopes to bring in user participation since media is the dominant medium in the world today.


My Story: The Color Run

Lisa Fralinger

For this assignment, I chose to discuss my experience at the Color Run in Washington D, C. I chose this as the subject of my video because it was a fun event that my friends and I enjoyed. We were happy to participate in this run because it was a charity event that helped raise money for children with cancer. I set the scene of the video by doing a quick voiceover.  This video contains photos of us before and after paint was thrown on us. Throughout the video I have small clips of each of us sharing our experience and I also have clips of us dancing and just having a good time.

Almost all of the photos used in this video came from my Iphone. I used my Iphone to take videos as well. There are some clips that I managed to get from Youtube. These clips just add more excitement to the video and really captivate what the Color Run is really about. I obtained my music from Youtube. I chose music that was upbeat and exciting because the Color Run is anything but dull.

The only challenge I had with this project was learning how to use iMovie. I am new to being a Mac owner. With that being said, it was hard for me to even find iMovie on my laptop. I have never used iMovie before so it took me awhile to figure out how to even start my movie or where to obtain my photos. Once I figured all the technical aspects out, I found myself having a lot fun making this video. It was nice to relive those memories again and to share them with my class.

Celebrity Blog Post—Kim Kardashian

English: Kim Kardashian at the 2009 Tribeca Fi...

Lisa Fralinger

Kim Kardashian is an active user of Twitter. Kim is mostly known as the reality star of the television series “Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She is also known as Kayne West’s new girlfriend. This star is always in the public eye. When you turn on the television, it is almost rare to not hear about this reality star and the new gossip that is stirring up about her.

Kim Kardashian uses Twitter every day. Most of Kim’s tweets are about promoting her family’s television show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.  Kim also tweets pictures that she herself uploaded from Instagram. Her tweets are mostly directed towards her fans and her siblings as well.  When she does tweet to her sibling they seem to be inside jokes within the family. She has yet to tweet anything about her new baby, North West.

Kim Kardashian is viewed in both positive and negative spotlight. There are some diehard fans that think nothing but the best Kim. These fans follow Kim on Twitter and take fashion advice that she sometimes has to offer. On the other hand, many people view Kim as a spoiled princess. People sometimes question how this reality star received her fame. In most recent news, journalists and news reporters have been tracking to get information on Kim and her new baby. Many have been wondering why she decided to name her baby “North” and how she is dealing with motherhood.

Ad Analysis: “Man’s Best Friend”

Lisa Fralinger

My advertisement analysis is based off of the Doritos chips commercial called “Man’s Best Friend.” This commercial was aired during the 2012 Super Bowl. The commercial advertises the Doritos chips in a comical manner using the idea that man is loyal and committed to its animal friend.

The commercial involves a man working in his back yard. The man notices that his dog, a Great Dane, is burying a cat’s tag. The camera shifts to the man who is seen observing a “missing cat” poster. After the man takes note of the poster, the dog approaches him with a bag of Doritos with a note that says, “You didn’t seen nuthin.” The bag of Doritos is used as a means of bribery. The man accepts the dog’s offer. While the man is finishing his bag of Doritos, his wife’s voice is heard in the background asking if he has seen the cat. The man hesitates. He notices the dog again standing by the door with another bag of Doritos. The man answers “no” to his wife.

This commercial shows the value of the brand and the lengths people would go just to have a taste of their favorite snack. The image of using a dog and a man promotes the idea of “man’s best friend.” This idea assumes that men are loyal to their animals and will do anything for them. The dog in this commercial shows authority over the male. The dog is telling what the man should and should not do. If the man is to obey then, he will receive a reward. Usually though, it is the other way around. Dogs are the ones that are rewarded if they sit, heel, or roll over on their master’s command. There are no words that are spoken between the dog and the man. Interaction between the dog and the man is simply through facial expression and a sticky note.

The economic status of Doritos is an enjoyable snack that can be admired by both animals and humans. The commercial is meant to be comical. This specific commercial though is male driven since there appears to be no female figure seen in the commercial.

A semiotic sign of this commercial is the Doritos bag itself. The bag is bright red and it is electrifying to audiences. The bright red coloring signals to audiences the boldness of flavor this snack has to offer. This prominent Doritos packaging allows for consumers to easily detect it in stores.  The size of the bag matters as well. Doritos bags come in two sizes; snack size and family size. The snack size bag can easily fit next to registers. Consumers, when checking out of stores, will notice this bag and hopefully by noticing the bag, one will want to snag it before checking out. The lighting in the commercial is very bright and gives off a happy tone. The dog used in the commercial is a Great Dane. This specific type of dog is very big and dominant. The image of a Great Dane exemplifies the authority and the power it has over its owner. A cultural custom is a man working on in the yard while the wife works inside the home.  The music played during the commercial is “Overture to the Barber of Seville,” by Rossini. This fast paced music plays well into the ad since the story line of the commercial is rather quick. The psychoanalysis of this commercial is equating the dog as the master over the man. The dog is affirmative and smart in using the Doritos bag to bribe the man.

The commercial speaks to both male audiences and audiences who are animal lovers as well.  Many audiences of all ages would find the commercial to be comical.  The few that would not enjoy this commercial are those who are cat lovers since the idea behind the commercial is burring a deceased cat.

Doritos marketing strategy is targeted towards audiences eighteen years and older. They figured that this age group watches approximately 319 minutes of television a day. Keeping these numbers in mind, Doritos felt that their best way of campaigning their product was through television ads. Doritos snack is owned by Frito-Lay. This brand spends on average 146 million on advertising alone. Doritos commercials have been airing during the Super bowl for a number of years. The average cost of airing a commercial during the Super bowl is nearly 4 million dollars.

Doritos commercial “Man’s Best Friend” scored number one on USA Today’sSuper Bowl ad meter. The commercial ranked in the number one spot with 8.82 million dollars. The money Frito Lays spends on its commercial is beneficial and appealing to television audiences. The commmercial approach will catch the eye of audiences and hopefully sales will rise.

Instant Identity: Adolescent Girls and the World of Instant Messaging

Lisa Fralinger

book review

I immediately was drawn to the book review written by Andrea Baker. Baker wrote an excellent book review about the Instant Identity: Adolescent Girls and the World of Instant Messaging by Shayla Thiel Stern. This book allows readers to view past records of teen-age girls chatting with one another online. The words that these young women use create an instant identity for themselves. The teen communication is coded in a way that cannot be understood by adults. This essentially creates privacy for teens and allows for them to discuss topics that may not be approved by their adult figures. Stern wanted to grasp a better understanding to the identities these young women were creating for themselves. Thus, she looked at how the U.S. sells images to young girls and how these images can affect their identities.

Throughout the book, Stern provides samples of conversations between the young women. The book documents the importance of online chatting in a young girl’s life. Online chatting allows for girls to maintain relationships with one another. It is also used as a confidence booster. By chatting online, it allows for girls to gossip about others and increases one’s own personal status by degrading another human being.

I found this book review to be very interesting and well written. After reading the review, it makes me want to go out and buy the book. I agree with the points that were emphasized in the review. I think that our generation is fully based on technological communication. Young girls are now making Facebook and Twitter accounts. These social networking sites allow for them to create a new identity behind the screen. Rather than being themselves, girls put on a new identity thinking that others will be impressed. They may get attention but it is negative attention that they are receiving. The identity that they are creating is looked down upon by other and could potentially effect them later on in life.

This is the link to the book review written by Andrea Baker. Also this is an additonal link to a journal review that further discusses adolescents and their internet use.

Media Leader Bio


By: Lisa Fralinger

Steven Spielberg is known to be the most successful filmmaker in Hollywood history. He was born December 18, 1946 in Cincinnati, Ohio. As a young child, Spielberg began his film making career by directing short movies, from there he studied film at California State University.  Spielberg is an Academy Award – Winning film maker for the popular films The Color Purple, Schindler’s List, ET: The Extraterrestrial, and Saving Private Ryan. In 1994, Spielberg founded the company Dreamworks. During that time Spielberg did what he did best and produced films that were commercially successful. In 2006 , Time magazine named Spielberg as one of the most important people of the 20th century. Through his films, Spielberg’s has made audiences around the world feel a variety of emotions.  Spielberg’s films will continue to be a success and will continue to be viewed by many audiences.